KIRSTY APP - Assets And Liabilities

To help you determine your assets and liabilities, we have provided a wealth check Money planner for you to use as a guide when you draw up your own list. As you may not be entirely clear about what assets and liabilities are, here is an outline.


These are items of value, large or small. At the top end they include your home (even if you are still buying it), pension, life assurance policy and car. At the other end they include any items of jewellery, pictures or antiques you may own, even things like the stamp album in the attic and the old vase you would take to the Antiques Road Show if it came to your area.

To find out what your assets are, separate out what is yours from what is your husband or partner's and from what belongs to other family members and/or dependants. You may have joint ownership of some major items; include them in your list, but bear in mind that they are not your property exclusively. For some items you will need to separate out the capital value in £s from the annual income that the asset provides, also in £s.



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