How to handle your own divorce proceedings - Children

If there are children in your family and agreement has been reached between you and your spouse as to the orders for custody and access then the court will be able to make these orders when you and your spouse attend a short informal appointment before the judge.

This 10-minute appointment is held to allow the judge time to consider the arrangements for the children.

The court must be satisfied with the arrangements made for the children's accommodation, maintenance, education and so on before it will allow the decree nisi to be made absolute.

If the judge is satisfied he will give a certificate of satisfaction and the application for decree absolute can go ahead six weeks later.

If the judge for any reason declines to give his certificate, after the date upon which the decree nisi was pronounced, no application can be made for the final decree and you would probably be wise to consult a solicitor at this point.

It is at this appointment that the judge will make orders for the custody, care and control, and access to the children if these matters have been agreed between you. Your solicitor may or may not accompany you to this appointment.

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