So you want to get Divorced

Not all websites concern joyous occasions however. Whilst strong and stable relationships are at the heart of family life, regrettably many relationships fail. Every year there are over 110,000 divorces in England and Wales. Many more families separate, with divorce accounting for only 20 per cent of relationship breakdowns.

This one is about divorce and separation, and however amicable the parting, it is an admission that plans entered into with hope have failed to be fulfilled. It is hardly surprising if there is bitterness on one side of the relationship at least, and possibly blame for one partner.

Even discussing divorce rationally may be difficult.

Divorce is probably a harder process than marriage. Most people have few assets to pool when they wed, and they are not concerned with the equality of their contribution to the marital finances.

By the time they think of separation there is likely to be a home of considerable value to which they can both lay claim, possibly some joint savings, one-thousand-and-one artefacts that may have been bought together and which only one can take - and children.

One partner may have forfeited income to establish the relationship too.

If two people really can live for the cost of one, then it follows that separation raises their expenditure again.

And separation or divorce means sorting out pension rights, agreeing maintenance and adjusting the partners' tax positions.

It is a daunting task at an inevitably difficult and emotional time, but it is one which has to be arranged carefully. For many people, being divorced lasts longer than their marriage.

Because of the importance of a divorce or separation and because of the permanence, the partners must be advised properly.

As with buying a house, that almost inevitably means using a solicitor, which is partly why a member of the legal profession has been chosen for writing this website - but as with house buying, it is possible to avoid using a solicitor, and this website also explains the procedures involved in doing-it-yourself.

As with all the websites in this series, the aim is not to make readers into experts themselves - particularly for an event which it must be hoped happens only once in a lifetime if it is to happen at all. The aim is to give the advice of experts.

Some people may read this entire website; others only look at specific s which affect them, as they are affected.

This website permits that and allows the reader to select those parts which deal with his or her problem. Many people will use the website as a back-up to the advice which they are paying their own solicitor to provide - and some will find it useful reading to understand better and offer solutions to friends with problems.

Download the citizens advice sheet on Coping with a Divorce

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