Reconciliation or divorce - Changing to a new solicitor

It is perfectly acceptable to change your solicitor if you are unhappy with his or her work, but if you are in receipt of the legal aid certificate, the Law Society, which runs the Legal Aid Scheme, will want to have a very good reason for your doing so, especially if it occurs too frequently.

It is your right to choose the person who is to advise you and represent you.

No solicitor can force you to continue to instruct him or her, and if you are unhappy about the way your solicitor is conducting your case or if there is a personality clash then you may change to another solicitor. The procedure is simple.

You choose a new solicitor, establish that this solicitor is prepared to act for you, and write to your previous solicitor requesting that he or she transfer your papers to your new solicitor.

If you are in receipt of a legal aid certificate, your previous solicitor will undoubtedly want you to settle any outstanding costs before he or she transfers the papers to the new solicitor.

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