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Most couples find it helpful to discuss the problems which have arisen during their marriage with the help of a third party who is a skilled counsellor.

Even if the couple decide that the best course of action is to part, the discussions often enable the parting to be on a more amicable basis than it would have been had they not had the chance to air their feelings.

An amicable separation is obviously preferable whatever the circumstances and especially where children are involved.

It is not their fault that their parents are unable to live together as husband and wife; nor does separation or divorce mean that the couple cannot continue to be good parents.

Emotional trauma, to a greater or lesser degree, is an inevitable part of the process of separation and divorce.

It is perfectly natural, and will affect even the most friendly separation and divorce. Psychiatrists have likened divorce to bereavement in that it is necessary for there to be a mourning period for the death of the marriage.

It is not abnormal to experience such feelings and it always helps to talk about them with a friend, relative or experienced counsellor.

The Marriage Guidance Council does not limit its work to the attempt to reconcile a marriage; it will also provide continuing support throughout the period of separation, divorce and beyond if it is needed.

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