Reconciliation or divorce - What to expect from a solicitor

If, after consulting an experienced Marriage Guidance counsellor, there is no possibility of reconciliation within your marriage, it is likely that the next step you take will be to make an appointment with a solicitor.

Many people are fearful of this step, believing that, once they have consulted a solicitor, they have made a move towards divorce from which there is no return. This is untrue.

It is important to remember that it is your life and it is your divorce. If you decide, at any point, that you do not want to file divorce proceedings, make this clear to your solicitor.

On the other hand, solicitors are there to advise you; make sure that you fully understand the consequences of your decision and the alternatives on offer before you commit yourself to any positive action.

Most solicitors these days, far from being aloof, are eager to help you. They realise, above all, that it is vital that you understand what is happening.

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