Reconciliation or divorce - Reconciliation - how to find help

There is a great deal of help available to couples who are trying to sort out the problems in their marriage.

If the decision at the end of the day is to go ahead with divorce proceedings, there are people available to help make your passage through those proceedings as easy as possible.

The addresses and telephone numbers in will give you a reference point from which to begin.

Marriage Guidance Council

Before you decide to take the first step towards consulting a solicitor to file divorce proceedings, consider and try to resolve the problems which have arisen between you and your spouse.

Many couples arrange to consult a Marriage Guidance counsellor.

The National Marriage Guidance Council - Relate was set up in 1937. (see

In the early days, it used volunteers, many of whom were not specifically trained in the very delicate and important skill of counselling. However, it has moved quickly with the times and the training, which every counsellor is required to undertake, produces compassionate and highly-skilled personnel.

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You may have to wait a few weeks for an appointment, and you will be asked to make a modest contribution - though this is generally waived if you are in financial difficulty. The Marriage Guidance Council has branches throughout the country and your local Citizen's Advice Bureau will be able to give you the address and telephone number of your nearest one.

Alternatively, Google will provide the information you require.

The Citizens Advice Bureaux give advice and information, and assist in finding the right help to support individuals, couples and families following relationship breakdown. During 2015/11 bureaux in England and Wales helped over 90,000 clients with relationship problems relating to separation, divorce and dissolution, 52,000 clients with problems relating to children with a further 26,000 clients who raised issues concerning child support � enquiries from both resident and non-resident parents.

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Reconciliation or divorce - Reconciliation - how to find other help

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