KIRSTY APP - Finding Out More About Yourself

The basic types

The HSBC recently undertook a series of research projects to find out how women handle money (in other words, they are living up to their slogan and being a listening bank). The research examined the capability which women felt they had. The researchers discovered that we women fitted into four basic categories, as follows:

Type A

The competents- These are women who are capable and who care about money management. They are characterized by the fact that they already have expertise in financial matters. They generally have separate bank accounts from their husbands or partners and make their own investment decisions. They are enthusiastic about learning how to handle money effectively and do it well. They are by no means mercenary; they just like to do things properly. They plan ahead for next year or for the next five years, not just for the next few months. They are not money bores; they simply want to make the most of what they have. It may surprise you that women whom you know are in this group: they don't wear their money management ability like a badge!


The Triers

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