KIRSTY APP - How The Groups In The Research Interrelate

Although there was no hard statistical correlation between the groups in the research project, it would appear that the second and third in the capability groupings (the Triers and the Copers) identified with the Managers in the behavioural category while the first (the Capable/Competent) were split between Managers and Active Players. The fourth (the Casual) - not unnaturally tended to be the Spenders.

By now you will know which of the four types you most easily identify with. But what sort of woman you are is also modified or affected by your stage in life and your age. Key events in your life influence your attitude to money and its management. The research, perhaps predictably, established that younger women tended to be more casual and flippant about money, but they became more budget conscious as they grew older, when perhaps they moved away from home and took on family and home commitments.

Traumas such as divorce, redundancy, severe illness and widowhood also emerged as critical situations for which women needed particular understanding and support from family and friends and from financial institutions.

Underlying the results of the research programme, there is evidence that women are loyal to those who serve them well in terms of financial advice and service.


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