KIRSTY APP - Money And You - The Sort Of Woman You Are

We can all easily recognize some things about ourselves; other things may not be easily apparent, and some may be difficult to absorb or accept. The first aspect of good money management for you is to indulge in a little introspection. Be honest with yourself and do not give way to wishful thinking!

You will already know certain facts about yourself - the obvious ones. You will know your age, the type of family environment you have, your lifestyle and the basic income coming into your family. You will have (at the very least) some idea of general levels of expenditure and of whether you are living within your means. You will also have some idea of your financial commitments. In addition, you will know your commitments to your family and to any job you may have. You will be able to identify the concerns which sometimes cause you to have sleepless nights. You will know the degree to which you need to be flexible in terms of planning your life. You will probably also be aware of any domestic or work patterns which are likely to change and of the effects they may have on your life and on your personal finances.

The things you also need to know about yourself to manage your money effectively are less obvious. One is how satisfactory you find your current life and lifestyle. Another is awareness of what you need in your life - what things satisfy you, which aspects of your present lifestyle it would make you feel unhappy or even downright miserable to go without.

You must find out how much money you have, and whether you are a spender or a saver. Most of us, of course, are both. The extent of any possible susceptibility to over-spending needs to be recognized.

You should examine where you stand today, and recognize where you want to stand tomorrow. And all this needs to be looked at in relation to you, your family and others around you at work (if you have a job), at home or in regular or even casual contact with you.


Finding Out More About Yourself

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