KIRSTY APP - Setting Your Objectives An Online Survey

Setting objectives for your life, and planning to achieve them, doesn't need to be a chore. You could easily find it fun - it all depends on the way you set about it. Look at this basic summary of objectives for living a happy and satisfied life. Go through it, identifying those which relate to what you want from life. Read the website and refer to the individual sections within it. Find out for yourself how far you are along the road to achieving what you want from life and acquiring the money with which to do it.

1. People

Which group of people are most important to you?

Close family whom you live with Yes/No

Other family members Yes/No

People you work/study with Yes/No

Other friends Yes/No

2. Looking forward

Have you thought where you'd like to be/what you'd like to be doing:

- in five years' time? Yes/No

- in ten years' time? Yes/No

Are there any actions you should take to achieve this? Yes/No

3. Security

Is security important to you? Yes/No

A lot? Yes/No

A little? Yes/No

4. Possessions

These include:

Property - home/boat/car/cycle

Wealth - money/stocks and shares.

Beautiful things - antique silver/antique furniture/antique

pictures/jewellery/rare objects/rare stamps and the like

How important are they to you?

A lot? Yes/No

A little? Yes/No

5. Is quality of life important to you? Yes/No

For yourself? Yes/No

Others? Yes/No


6. By and large do you think your life gives you satisfaction? Yes/No

7. By and large do you think those near and dear to you are happy? Yes/No

8. Could/should you do anything to help them achieve a better quality of life? Yes/No


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