KIRSTY APP - The Triers

Type B

The triers. These women know quite a bit about money. They may well develop and become members of the first group, particularly if they inherit some money or the family budget gets a boost. They will make their own independent decisions, including some financial decisions. They try, but are not yet as competent and enthusiastic about their abilities as the competent group (Type A). However, they will know all about the household's money management and may well take responsibility for bills and budgeting. They could have some privatization or other shares and they perhaps handle their own insurance. They also tend to have separate bank accounts.

Type C

The copers. These, too, are women active in managing their money, but they lack enthusiasm for the task, They cope - they will do what they need to do. They have either been persuaded or coerced into doing the job. A large number of them find the job boring. They focus on making sure that they can cover household outgoings and don't plan mach for future needs. They leave major decisions to their husbands or partners, if they have them, and concentrate on, making the most of this week's or this month's money.


The Casuals

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