KIRSTY APP - Borrowing The Background To The Present Situation

Many decades ago the word 'credit' was often used in a complimentary way; someone who was creditworthy was in good standing, a pillar of society with good resources who could be trusted to handle money well. They could safely be lent money.

When credit cards were introduced, they were issued to people in this category, who would pay their accounts on receipt. Now it is an expected part of banking that a new customer will automatically get a credit card, no questions asked!

Credit cards grew in popularity and, for many people, became a regular means of borrowing money temporarily. The result is that now 'credit' means 'borrowing'. The term 'charge card' is used for cards issued under the same terms as the original credit card; accounts for charge cards are paid straightaway and there is no means of borrowing money by delaying payments.

Using a credit card and paying only the minimum repayment has become a popular UK pastime with credit card companies competing to lend and then coming unstuck in the recent credit crunch.


Borrowing Attitudes Towards Borrowing

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