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For most of us, the less we have to do with the tax office, the better we like it. But we have to live with tax, so it is worth trying to get it right. (

Income tax - the very words conjure up visions of complicated forms, full of figures and words we don't understand, and a lot of time and effort spent. The outcome of filling in the forms, more often than not, is that we understand little more about where we stand than we did when we started.

For most of us our tax objectives are the same:

� We want to arrange our affairs so as to be liable for as little tax as possible.

� We want to be sure we are not paying more tax than we should.

� We want it all to be as simple, painless, easy and quick as possible.

,This section, therefore, takes a look at the complex matter of income and other taxes with these objectives in view. Do note, however, that tax laws change from year to year, so you must make sure you have the latest information. Tax relief see

The section aims to:

� Put you in the picture with regard to income and other taxes

� Give you some essential information

� Show you how you may be able to pay less tax

� Deal with particular opportunities and problems for women.


You And Your Tax - Tax - The Essentials

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