KIRSTY APP - Wealth Creation

If you still have some money left after dealing with the preceding categories, you should think about building up capital. You should already be doing this to some extent through buying your home and through your pension scheme. Remember, though, that you should not confuse wealth creation with short-term savings. The most profitable schemes run for several years; short-term encashment of these can carry a penalty. The following are all long-term schemes:

� Long-term saving through life assurance companies, endowment policies and unit-linked policies

� Unit trusts

� Stocks and shares (including investment trusts)

� National savings - certain schemes

� Government stocks.

This is a wide and complex field. You may need more advice than is given in this website


Let us now take a look at you in relation to your work. You will not be surprised to learn that whether or not you have a job you are at work! The chances are that if you are looking after a home and a family on a full-time basis your attitude is just as professional as it would be to a 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. job. Ensuring that you make it a little more professional could easily save you both time and money - and time is money, of course.

If you do have a paid job you should examine how you feel about it, considering whether it is satisfying and whether you are getting what you feel you should in terms of money in exchange for your time. Also consider the options for doing better. Answer the questions below to assess where you stand in your current job and whether alternatives may be attractive.


You And Your Job

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