KIRSTY APP - The Need For Insurance Key Person Insurance

If you are a key person in your business, severe disruption and financial loss could result if anything happened to keep you away from work for a lengthy period of time. You can insure against this. Key person insurance, also commonly called key man insurance and key man insurance, is an important form of business insurance.

Legal and General have a good policy. See

Loss of profits

Your business could suffer loss of work or production, resulting in loss of profits and financial hardship, if, for example, the business premises were damaged or destroyed. A loss-of-profits policy (also called business interruption) will cover you against this event.

Specialist information

Business insurance is a complex field and the cover required varies very much according to each individual business situation. If you need business insurance you should seek the help and advice of an insurance broker with specialist knowledge.

They will be able to suggest a suitable insurance package for your needs. The Association of British Insurers offers a free package called `Small Business Insurance Advice Files'. (


The Need For Insurance On Credit And Borrowing

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