KIRSTY APP - The Need For Insurance - Travel Insurance

If you travel regularly or are about to undertake a long journey, think about travel insurance. What should you cover?

The first thing to do is to cover yourself - against injury or death by accident. Remember that if you pay for your travel with certain credit cards you are automatically given insurance cover. Also, you can sometimes obtain temporary cover at the start of a journey by buying an insurance voucher at the airport or at the station when you get your ticket. For fuller cover you need to look for a specific policy from an insurance company.

A word of advice about your luggage: do check whether it is covered properly. Your home contents policy may cover it, but it may not. The extent of the cover on your luggage may depend on your means of travel - the position may differ according to whether the luggage is on a ship or an aircraft, for instance. Don't underinsure; clothes and personal belongings are expensive to replace! Remember also the cost of suitcases themselves.


The Need For Insurance

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