KIRSTY APP - Involve The Family

If you have a family, do involve them. It makes things much easier if individual members of the family know that they have to pull their weight too. Don't take a school teacher attitude make it fun. Give the family an incentive to become involved. It is important to talk about this subject, and to work at it, as a family. For too long money management has been a taboo subject; if you bring it out into the open you will probably find that 'members of the family will respond positively.

Look at the overall picture

When you have filled in your budget, step back and look at it. If the first set of figures for expenditure adds up to more than your income you are probably being cautiously realistic; if less, check that no items have been forgotten.

Adjust the figures up and down so that they do balance. This will show you where you have perhaps to pull in your belt, and (hopefully) where it is possible to let it out and to indulge yourself. But be realistic about where you can make savings; remember that some expenses are less flexible than others.

It is particularly important to keep a little in reserve for emergencies. You can plan quite easily for what you expect; the unexpected things are the problem.

If you really take the trouble to look at the financial facts you will be surprised at how much further you can make your money go.


The Key Relationships

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