KIRSTY APP - The Importance Of Budgeting

If you are like most other people, you will probably wonder from time to time where all your money has gone. You may feel that your income should be enough to get by on, but sometimes it seems that there is a gaping hole down which a lot of money goes without your noticing it.

The principles are the same whether there is a lot of money or a little, and what is a lot to some of us is a little to others. Attitudes vary as well. Some women may think things are getting a bit tight when their current account seems close to sliding into overdraft. Others feel they do not have enough means when they are right at the top of the credit limit on their cards and cannot buy anything at all.

How do you make sure your income is enough?

There is no short cut - you must have a budget. Then you will know how much money is coming in and where the money goes:

The starting-point is where the money goes now. From there you can decide where you would like it to go. Usually there is a difference!


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