KIRSTY APP - The Need For Insurance What If Things Go Wrong?

If you need help and advice, where do you turn? There are many organizations which are able to offer information and advice and some can help in practical ways as well. In the appendices you will find details.

What to do

� Always shop or surf around for insurance. Don't be guided by price alone; also consider what cover you need and what is offered.

� Make sure, every year, that you are not underinsured.

� Make sure you understand what is not covered.

� Look at whether you need a policy in relation to the Married Woman's Property Act.

� Do be sure you disclose all relevant facts, including any changes. Telling the company (or broker) anything and everything that could be relevant is an essential component of all contracts for insurance - called, legally, uberrimae fidei (utmost faith).

� Keep clearly in mind the difference between positive and negative insurance. Don't assume that because something is not mentioned, it is covered.


Using Credit And Coping With Borrowing And Repayments

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