KIRSTY APP - Using Credit And Coping With Borrowing And Repayments

This section is aimed at helping you clear your mind about the emotive subject of borrowing money.

It offers a checklist of all the different ways now open to almost all of us to obtain credit; reminds you of some pitfalls to avoid; and helps you make the best decisions for yourself when you are considering taking a loan.

The same principles can be applied to all forms of credit and borrowing. Most of them are dealt with here. The biggest loan of all for most of us is for our home).

This section deals with:

� Using credit and coping with borrowing and repayments

� The price of borrowing

� The warning signs in relation to credit and debt

� Credit vetting

� Bank credit cards and store cards

� Banks and building societies in relation to credit

� Other sources of credit.


Borrowing The Background To The Present Situation

/wealth/borrowing-the-background-to-the-present-situation.html... see: Borrowing The Background To The Present Situation