KIRSTY APP - You And Your Job

1. Do you like it, find it satisfying?

2. Do you earn the fair rate for the job? Do you feel imposed upon?

3. Do you know about your rights at work, your responsibilities to your employer and your employer's responsibilities to you regarding:

- your contract of employment?

- your position if you are ill?

- your maternity rights?

- the situation if you want to return to your job after the birth of a baby?

- holiday pay?

- your pension position if you are working part-time? (Be especially careful if your employer is contracted out of the state pension scheme: your pension could be at risk. This is very important if you want to move from full-time to part-time work, even in the same company. .)

- what happens if you have to leave work because you are being made redundant, are unfairly sacked or reach retirement age?

You can get information and advice from your local Jobcentre or Citizen's Advice Bureau on these matters, and also from your local Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). office.


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