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In order to help you benefit from the research, I have tried to give some examples of the different types, to help us all recognize which one we are. To do this I have gone to well-known characters from the popular TV and radio 'Soaps'. Here is my list:

Now having decided which of the role models is nearest to you, take a look at how women behave as money managers.

Here HSBC's research throws some more light on the subject. It established that women fall basically into three behavioural categories: See: Why Great Lengths Hair Extensions are Number One in the World then you might understand more about woman and the pressures of conformity.


Behavioural Categories

1. Women as managers of money: These are the women concerned with achieving a financial balance in the short term. They are wary of too much credit (which is really borrowing) and tend to clear their credit card accounts before the interest is due to be paid. A large number of them clear the full amount on their cards monthly. The vast majority of these women try to avoid overdrafts and getting into debt.

2. Women as spenders of money: These take no responsibility for the family budget and tend to require external control - either from their husbands or partners or, failing this, from a financial institution such as their bank. They frequently admit to getting into a mess - with overdrafts, and with credit and store cards.

3. Women as active players in the money markets: These women tend to use money as a commodity and, unlike the others, can tolerate a lack of balance in the short term to make a gain on a longer term investment. The group seems to be small, but it is growing and it is capable of developing fast, both in numbers and in influence.


Relationships of working women


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